Minimalist Writing Pens.

High quality pens designed & engineered in the Ukraine.

A pen is the essential attribute of our everyday life, often called the every day carry (EDC). It is not just a writing instrument, it is tool for self-expression. It embodies soul and wisdom of its owner. A pen is an extension of your thoughts, goals and achievements.

Our roller ball pen is very simple, it consists only from two solid parts. A subtle teardrop shape, which gives it a perfect balance to write with, offering comfort and assuredness during use. The pen fits nicely in the hand and holds firm when gripped. The pens are made from anodised aircraft aluminium, offering durability and lightness.

In order to activate the pen, we have designed a beautiful twist mechanism, you just need to turn it to reveal the pen nib and back again. You will definitely love the smooth motion.

You can choose from silver, gold, space grey or black color of pens. If you’d like a more personalized look, you can choose a cap of a different color or switch them between your pens.

We placed a lot of attention to our packaging too, as this delivers the first impression on every product. Every pen will be packed in a beautifully designed wooden box made of walnut, with a perfectly machined, slanted recess on the upturned box which acts as a perfect pen stand on your desk.

This pen was made for thinkers, solvers and creators, for those who are changing this world!

Not only does the pen look good, it writes beautifully too. We have tried and tested different types of ink and have chosen the best one for you. It is an innovative system for smooth and elegant writing. It combines the convenience of a ballpoint pen with the individual writing characteristics of a fountain pen.

Every pen will come with Schmidt P8126 capless roller ball refill, perfect for writing, drawing and taking notes. Our pen is compatible with any Parker-style G2 refill (more than 100), which is a standard refill for a variety of pens. Or contact us for Schmidt P8126 refills.

All this has created the perfect writing instrument.

Each pen is £55.00 plus delivery.

Length: 136 mm (5,35 in)
Diameter: 9 – 11 mm
Weight: 28 grams (1 oz)

To place orders please either email or call with your requirements on the contact details below.

Contact details: M: +44 (0)7887 634990. E:
Twitter: @ontrenddesign – Instagram: ontrenddesigns